Saturday, July 12, 2014

Frozen Fractals All Around!

It's no surprise that Elia wanted a Frozen-themed birthday this year!  I know everyone kiddo is sick of loves Frozen too!  Her birthday was held at Artful Mayhem Studio in downtown Keller.  You can check out their site by clicking here!  So here are the end results!

The kids started off with an ice breaker poster:
Then each artist worked on Elsa's coronation crown!  I wish I could take credit for that idea, but it was the studio's...good call!
 I love the colors all over this little studio!  Art on the walls, paint on the aprons and tables.  It's a perfect place to be a kid!  Except that.....
 ...this was a party full of INTENSE artists!
 We had to remind everyone to breathe and have fun!
 The atmosphere was so intense and serious that I finally turned on the Frozen soundtrack to lighten the mood!  This kiddos were not kidding!  This was serious business!!
 This is a mom's paradise!  I was as neurotic as usual calm as a cucumber.   
(Feel free to insert your own comments here about how stress-free you think I can actually get!)
 One of the biggest blessings about being a mom is sharing moments like these with your child.  I remember the anticipation and excitement of a birthday party as a kid.  I love that Elia has special friends to surround her and make her feel loved on her special day.  

Do not disturb the artist!
I'm so glad she puts up with my photography obsession hobby!
 This is the part where I reminded her this was fun and enjoyable! :)
Finished products! 
This is the moment where Elia said, "Mom, I only want Elsa on the cake".  And I quickly replied, "It's not about you right now, sweetie.  It's about mommy's attempt at a Pinterest-worthy photo of your cake".  I said that.  To my daughter.  At her birthday party.  It's a good thing she totally gets me.  Thank you my sweet girl!
The beloved Frozen cake! Special thanks to
Stephanie with Frosted Garden Sugar Studio and Bakery for Elia's perfect cake!
 After mommy/s failed search of the entire metroplex for Frozen figurines, 
a wonderful neighbor let us borrow hers!  
Thank goodness for neighbors who save day! 
 Each party guest had to guess the number of gum balls in the container!  It was a spontaneous time filler that ended up being a highlight of the event!  Sometimes it just works out as it should!
 Forced-fun photos for the blog.  

 All in all, one of the best birthdays.  Who am I kidding, they've all been fantastic.  Isaac and I are  blessed beyond measure to be able to honor the birth of our incredible daughter!  
How fortunate we are that she calls us Mommy and Daddy! 
Aprons hung, car packed with kiddos, and off we went! Perfection. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

A time to give

We were so proud of both Julian and Elia on the day of their first volunteer project through our church.  Eli's best friend also came along to help!  They all helped set up the food and offered assistance to those who came to the food pantry that day. 

 Dad assisted with the cart to prevent any disasters!



Meeting her favorite author

Not too many of us get such an honor.  Elia was able to meet Mr. Dan Gutman at Barnes and Noble during his book signing.  To take a look at his books, you can visit his website here!
 Mr. Gutman spent a few minutes discussing, well, who knows what with Elia!
 Elia's first grade teacher, Mrs. Stone, was also there!

A girl's best friend

Elia loves my mom's puppy, Gabby!  
Here are a few shots of the two together while visiting Bella Vista...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday!

Today was Elia's 5th birthday party with her friends from school.  Enjoy!

 See the cute treasure chests?  Take a good look, because these blessed boxes where a nightmare to assemble, and I'll never touch another one again!  Lesson learned.  But she loved them.
 Mommy thought purchasing a Pinata online was a great idea.  Yeah, no.  It was a cardboard box, and very sturdy!!! You'll see in a few pictures below what I mean.
 Elia and her next door neighbor friend, Marin.  Elia believes Marin is just about the best thing our new city has to offer!  She is the sweetest little girl, and very loving toward Elia.
 Mommy trying to take pre-party pictures before everything looks messy!
 And there were hats. 
 My Pinterest-inspired fruit kabobs!  They were a major hit with the kiddos.
 Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a staple at our home.  She was so impressed her cake matched her birthday theme!!!
 Let there be cake!
 What you don't see in this picture is every adult fanning the flies away!  It was a full-time job.
 I would love to know what her wish was!!!
This clearly is her favorite part!
 This is Allison and helpers during the party! 
 Ok, so everyone took a wack at this thing.  Many times...
 Alas, Daddy had to come to the rescue and end the saga.
 Everyone searched for their pirate loot.  I even spied a few gold doubloons!
 The heat has now set in, the party is wrapping up, and we snap one last picture to remember the day.
 My BFF Melany, her kiddos, Marin, and the Tellez trio headed to lunch on the square. 

 There's always one at every party. 
 You can't be that close to Beth Marie's and not stop in for a bit of ice cream. 
Perfect ending to a pretty swell day. 

Twas a long day, but this mommy can look back and say, "Yo ho, way to go!"
Happy Birthday, our precious little one.